ABRAHAM BEN DAVID MAIMUNI (c. 1246–c. 1316), nagid of Egyptian Jewry. Abraham was the eldest son of R. David, the grandson of Maimonides. During his father's old age he shared the position of nagid with him for ten years. After his father's death he remained nagid and was successful in 1313 in convincing a large group of Karaites, among whom were some wealthy men and intellectuals, to return to Rabbanite Judaism. -BIBLIOGRAPHY: S. Assaf, Be-Oholei Ya'akov (1943), 184; Ashtor, Toledot, 1 (1944), 228–32; Goitein, in: Tarbiz, 34 (1964/65), 253–5; Eshtori ha-Farḥi, Kaftor va-Feraḥ, ed. by H.Edelmann (1852), 13b. (Eliyahu Ashtor)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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